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Our Facebook, Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet pages are taken care of by volunteers, and things change quickly at the shelter. Please call the shelter for current information on specific pets.   252-520-0003, M-Sat noon-4 pm. 

To meet available adoptables: 

  • Check out our Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet pages.
  • Our shelter on Rouse Road Extension in Kinston (near the airport) always has over 100 animals waiting patiently for their forever home. 
  • Visit Kinston's Petsense to meet several of our adoptable cats/kittens.
  • Visit Second Chances Thrift Store to meet more adoptable cats/kittens


Adoption Process

  • Things change quickly at the shelter. If you've seen a pet online and would like to find out if he/she is still available, please call the shelter for more info: Mon-Sat, noon-4 pm, 252-520-0003. Please give the pet's name and a general description so staff/volunteers can answer your questions quickly (example: Stevie Wonder, the yellow lab puppy). 
  • Visit the shelter noon-4 pm, Mon-Sat. This lets you talk to staff about your home and lifestyle, and meet our available pets. With an average of 9 new homeless pets arriving every day, we're pretty sure we can help you find a great pet if you and your home are prepared for the responsibility.
  • Fill out an application. Sometimes applications can be approved on the spot, and sometimes it may take a couple of days if there are questions or if staff needs to contact your vet, landlord, etc. Please be patient, as we are working to help ensure a successful transition from the shelter to a new home. Printable applications are available here for your convenience, or one can be filled out at the shelter. We also have applications at Petsense and at Second Chances Thrift Store. 
  • Pay an adoption fee (see below) once the application has been approved. 
  • Take your new pet home!


Adoption Fees

Fees include vaccines, deworming, rabies for dogs/cats over 4 months, and a spay/neuter voucher. Prices are subject to change without notice.  If the pet has already been spayed/neutered when it arrives at the shelter, the adoption fee is only around $35.

*Note: Different vets charge different rates for spay/neuter, so the voucher may not cover 100% of the charges. Please inquire with your vet. 

  • Dogs over 4 months: $115  
  • Puppies less than 4 months: $100  

  • Female Cats: $65  
  • Male Cats: $45  



Things to Consider Before Adopting

  • Am I looking for a low energy pet to be a couch potato, or a more active pet?

  • Do I have a safe, humane way to keep my pet out of trouble? (fenced in yard, keeping pet indoors, etc.)

  • Will I have the time & patience to exercise, socialize, and train a pet?

  • Will my pet need to get along well with other pets and/or children?

  • Will I be able to afford the food, supplies, and veterinary care (routine and emergent) for my pet?

  • Will I be able to care for my pet for his/her entire life? (10-15 years)



Before You Get Your Puppy....

Aren't puppies adorable? Click HERE for advice on puppy adoption from veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar. Seriously, don't adopt before you read this. Our favorite line...."It only takes a few weeks to ruin an otherwise perfect puppy." Just so you know, we think our puppies are perfect when they leave our shelter, and we don't want them back due to poor parenting.