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Our Rescue Program



Our Rescue Program works faithfully every Saturday (weather permitting) to transport our shelter animals to adopters and other rescue organizations in the northeast US. Because other states have done a great job with controlling their homeless pet population through spay/neuter ordinances and such, they do not have the excessive numbers of homeless pets that we do.

How it works: Every Saturday morning, volunteers meet at our shelter to load their cars and our rescue van with cats and dogs to transport the pets to Richmond, Virginia. Here they take a pit stop and meet other volunteers who help switch the pets to their vehicles, and from there they continue on their journey to their forever homes.

Last year we rescued 797 dogs and 142 cats!

It is a wonderful and joyous experience. For more information or if you'd like to volunteer for any Saturday, please email us or call the shelter at 252-520-0003.




We have tremendous respect for reputable rescues, and are always seeking to partner with groups who can care for & foster our wonderful pets until their forever home is found. To ensure that our animals are placed into legitimate and proper rescue groups, there is a screening process for the organization. If you are with a rescue organization and are interested in helping one or more of our animals, please call or email us & we'll get you in touch with Kris, our Rescue Coordinator.

You will be required to provide your organization's adoption contract, vet name and number so that verification can be obtained to condition of animals in your care, name of director or intake director, a brief overview of screening process, and other information as necessary.