Biscuit Henderson Memorial Fund

Welcome to Biscuit's Page

Donations made in memory of sweet Biscuit will help the Lenoir County SPCA build a new animal shelter to care for homeless, abused and neglected animals.

Biscuit's Story 

In 2004, areas of Kinston/Lenoir County were pretty much non-existent and many of the homes were condemned as a result of severe flooding from Hurricanes Fran & Floyd (1999). A worker in the area noticed a pitiful abandoned dog that was wrapped around a tree, and he called animal control. The animal control officer went to pick-up the dog, and ended up rescuing Lenoir County’s worst case of animal abuse at that time. Not only was the dog matted and emaciated, covered in fleas and dirt, dragging a tow truck chain, but his collar was embedded into his neck so deeply it had to be surgically removed.

The dog was taken to the vet and processed by the Lenoir County SPCA. He was given a 50-50 chance of survival. Word got out about the dog's poor condition, and the Henderson Family committed to adopt him. They named him Seabiscuit – or Biscuit for short-- and would take him home every day for a few minutes to help Biscuit become comfortable with kind humans in a loving home. They did this every day for a month during Biscuit's recuperation. 

Jerry and Donna Henderson's daughter, Megan, remembers, "Lying there on the hearth was a skinny dog with a mound of white, patchy fur, half a tail, and a ring of stitches around his neck. He looked pitiful. But he lifted his head – a sign he was a fighter, and he wanted to live."

And live he did! For 12 years Biscuit enjoyed safety and love with the Hendersons, and was a sweet, devoted companion. Sadly on July 12, 2016 Biscuit crossed the rainbow bridge. Already animal advocates, Biscuit's story spurred Jerry Henderson and the whole Henderson clan to become even more involved with helping homeless animals. Jerry currently serves as president of the Lenoir County SPCA, which is actively finalizing plans and raising money to build a new animal shelter. Jerry said, "The animals that come to the Lenoir County SPCA haven't done anything wrong and depend on us to care for them with compassion. We must protect them in an environment that doesn't cause them more stress and illness. They deserve better and it's time to act. Love is an action word." 

Megan Henderson started the Biscuit Henderson Memorial Fund to honor her family's commitment to animals, remember their beloved family dog, and support the Lenoir County SPCA's efforts to help more animals by building a new shelter. Please join the wonderful community of board members, volunteers and donors in this project and donate to Biscuit's Memorial Fund.

RIP, Seabiscuit Henderson. Godspeed.

A Message From Our President:
Twelve years ago, my family adopted Biscuit from the Lenoir County SPCA shelter. He quickly became part of our family, teaching us about overcoming bad situations, trust, loyalty, and love. Biscuit is the reason I joined the SPCA and began working to help homeless and abused dogs and cats. 
The overwhelming response to Biscuit's passing has been gratifying and humbling. THANK YOU to each of you who have contributed to Biscuit's Fund, and I hope others will join. With your continued support, we WILL build a new shelter. 

Thank you, and God bless. 
Jerry Henderson