If You Have Found A Pet & Can Care For It While Trying To Locate the Owners.....

1. Contact your local and adjacent county animal shelters, animal control offices, and vet offices to see if anyone's reported the pet missing. 

  • Lenoir County SPCA: 252-520-0003, noon-4 pm, Monday-Saturday. 

  • Lenoir County Animal Control: 252-526-4200

2. Post an ad in the pets and lost/found sections of Craigslist. Give minimaldescriptive information. Example: If you've found a female white toy poodle with brown eyes that's been spayed and has a missing front tooth, simply say "Found small white dog". Make the caller describe the pet to you fully. Also make them provide proof of ownership (photos, vet records, etc.)

3. Visit a county animal shelter or vet office to have the pet scanned for microchip. 

4. Place a found pet ad in the Kinston Free Press/local newspaper(s). Most newspapers will post free found ads. Give minimal descriptive info of the pet. Make anyone who attempts to claim the pet describe the pet fully. Also have them provide proof of ownership (photos, vet records, etc.) 

5. We'll post the pet on our Facebook page if you live in Lenoir or adjacent counties. Send us a Facebook message including a photo, brief description, where/when you found the pet, and a contact number. Monitor the post for updates. Let us know if the pet has been claimed. Anyone who calls should be able to fully describe their pet & provide proof of ownership (photos, vet records, etc.). 

6. Post the pet on other lost/found pet social media sites such as Facebook's Lost & Found Dogs-NC. Monitor the post for updates. Again, give minimal info in the description. Anyone who tries to claim the pet should be able to fully describe their pet & provide proof of ownership (photos, vet records, etc.). 

7. Always protect your personal info & safety when dealing with the public or utilizing social media. If you plan to meet a potential owner, meet at a vet's office or other public place and take another person with you. Let others know where you are going and who you are planning to meet. 

8. More information on what to do if you find a homeless dog from Missing Pet Partnership HERE.


If You Have Found A Pet but Cannot Care For It While Trying To Locate the Owners.....

First, thank you for trying to help a companion animal that may be lost or cannot take care of itself. We understand that not everyone is in a position to take care of a found animal while trying to find the owners or rehome. We can only accept found pets from Lenoir County, NC. If you must bring a found pet to our shelter:

  • Call the shelter for an appointment so staff/volunteers can make room for the animal. We are always overcrowded and the number of animal intakes can vary greatly each day. Some days there is simply no kennel space, but the staff will do what they can to help you as quickly as feasible.

  • Please know we cannot guarantee any pet's adoption. Sadly, our small shelter receives an average of 9 new homeless pets every single day, primarily because folks won't spay/neuter. Despite our best efforts to reunite/rehome shelter animals, there are just too many adoptable pets & not enough placement options for them. Even so, it is still better for an animal to come to our shelter if you cannot safely & responsibly care for it. 

  • If you do not live in Lenoir County, you'll need to contact your county's animal shelter and/or animal rescue organizations. If your county has no animal shelter:

    • Call your local vet offices for more info about options in your county.

    • Do an internet search for animal rescue organizations in NC and surrounding states.

    • Do an internet search for breed-specific rescue organizations based on the found animal's breed (example: "laborador retriever rescues, NC")

    • Contact your county commissioners and respectfully request that they find funding for an animal shelter in your county. 


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