How to Rehome or Surrender Your Pet

Adopt-A-Pet's REHOME is an online tool to help pets stay in homes when they can, and be safely rehomed when they can’t. There is useful information on troubleshooting common behavior and training issues, locating financial assistance, and even tips for finding pet-friendly housing. In the event that you simply cannot keep your pet, you complete a simple questionnaire with your pet's personality, ideal living situation, and photos. You can even upload medical records to later be transferred to the new adopter. REHOME guides you through the entire process of screening applicants, arranging a safe meet-&-greet, and then helps you and the adopter through the transfer, including what happens if the adoption doesn’t work out.  REHOME collects a small adoption fee from the adopter, 100% of which is then donated to the shelter or rescue you choose. (Of course, we would greatly appreciate you choosing Lenoir County SPCA to receive the donation.) 

If you are trying to rehome a specific breed, you can also search the internet for breed-specific rescues in your area. Example: Laborador rescue NC, Siamese rescue NC. Please remember, all animal rescue organizations are not reputable. If you find an organization that you know nothing about, do a little research to make sure they're legitimate. You can check with veterinary clinics in their area, and also the Humane Society of the United States. 


Surrendering Your Pet

We can only accept owner-releases from Lenoir County NC unless your animal was adopted from our shelter. If you live in Lenoir County and MUST release your pet to our shelter:

  • You will be required to show your driver's license or otherwise provide proof of residency. Call the shelter for an appointment so staff/volunteers can make room for your pet. Normally the shelter can only accept owner-releases on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We are generally overcrowded and the number of animal intakes can vary greatly each day. Many days there is simply no kennel space for owner-releases. When you arrive at the shelter with your pet,please check in at the front desk so our shelter team can help you safely bring your pet inside. 

  • Please know we cannot guarantee your pet's adoption. Sadly, our small shelter receives an average of 7 new homeless pets every single day, primarily because folks won't spay/neuter. Despite our best efforts to rehome your pet, there are just too many adoptable pets & not enough placement options for them. 

  • If you do not live in Lenoir County, you'll need to contact your county's animal shelter and/or animal rescue organizations. If your county has no animal shelter: 

    • Call your local vet offices for more info about options in your county.

    • Do an internet search for animal rescue organizations in NC and surrounding states.

    • Do an internet search for breed-specific rescue organizations based on your pet's breed

    • Contact your county commissioners and respectfully request that they find funding for an animal shelter in your county.


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